One of the most rewarding home improvements I made to my house was to construct a garage addition. About 5 years ago I finally made the choice to construct a garage on my house.
The first big decision I needed to make after deciding to build the garage improvement was to ascertain how big to make it. I wanted a large enough garage to match two cars and that would be of proportion. Additionally, I desired space to include a workout bench and to allow space for snow blowers or those lawnmowers. I decided on a 26 foot wide. This gave me a garage that was about 2/5ths of the entire home frontage since my house was 36 feet in width.
Additionally, I had to make sure that the roof pitch and also the elevation of the garage will be in accordance with the remainder of the house.

After taking these issues into consideration, I created some drawings of this garage such as the foundation size, the location of the garage doors, both the upkeep door and windows and the height profile of the roofing. From these drawings, I had been able to discuss with lots of general contractors my garage and house plans.

After selecting my general builder, I created some extra drawings that provided all of the framing details necessary to pull a building permit. Due to the shape of my property, my garage plans also included. Thus, I had to add additional drawings of the bonus space, e.g. interior walls, doors, windows, closet, and entry way and stairwell to/from the principal property.
After excavation and installation of this foundation, the framing crew had the garage framework up in about a week. I had a garage that is completely enclosed, with the shingles installed on the roof and windows installed and all the doors.

From that point forward, I took over the electric and insulation function, after submitting for these particular permits.

Once the insulation was set up and approved, I phoned in the drywall contractor to set up the gutters, and also to tape and sand. Additionally, I had them use a coat of primer and one coat of contractors grade paint. It is well worth the money to get them do this.

The entire price of my garage addition was about $30,000. I had been quoted as high as $50,000, but with sweat equity and a little negotiation, I managed to receive plenty of garage for an affordable price.

A few years have gone by since I finished my garage inclusion and each winter when I see folks standing with their cars in the driveways scratching, and I’m reminded of one of the greatest decisions I ever made.